Consultation and Fees

 Free half-hour consultations


If you have a question about a legal matter, Attorney Wright offers free half-hour consultations. You can either call to discuss your case, or schedule an appointment to speak with Attorney Wright in person. If after meeting with me you decide you need his help with your legal situation, we can discuss the terms of representation.


No hourly rate for criminal defense


Unlike many attorneys, Attorney Wright does not charge an hourly rate for criminal defense. Attorney Wright's billing practice is to charge a flat-fee regardless of how long a case takes to resolve. The benefits of a flat fee are that you do not need to worry about how long it takes me to write a letter, make a phone call, drive to court, or review evidence. Attorney Wright's  relationship is not weakened by a concern over what things cost or whether you will be getting a big bill in the mail for last month’s work.

We accept payment in cash and by check.